About Serge Ferrari



Creator of innovative flexible composite materials since 1973, the Serge Ferrari Group designs, manufactures and distributes products that meet the technical requirements of a wide range of applications, for architecture, advanced materials such as modular structures offering environmental protection, as well as products suitable for the consumer market for example for outdoor furniture and solar shades.

Serge Ferrari works globally towards a sustainable future working with all industries to support, sustainable construction, energy conservation, recycling and regeneration of resources, to help prevent any negative impact on the environment

An innovating Group with international dimension:

Recognized internationally as a technological expert, the French company operates in 80 countries through 4 distribution subsidiaries, 5 commercial offices and more than 100 distributors. With 585 employees, the Group posts revenues of 140 M€, 75 % of which are generated outside France, and owns production units situated in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Innovation has been a fundamental driver of the Group’s growth since its inception. The company continues to develop new flexible composite materials, due to its extensive knowledge and understanding of technology, its specialized manufacturing equipment that generates the high quality standards required. As well as it highly skilled work force.

Products with unequalled characteristics:
The unique breakthrough in technology of the group is the Précontraint. This is what gives Serge Ferrari’s products a high degree of dimensional stability combined with exceptional strength and durability. The group invests 5 % of its turnover in R&D and continues to develop innovative technologies that make the difference.

The only company of its industry with a recycling process:

For more than 10 years, Serge Ferrari has developed an exemplary environmental strategy, by being significantly involved within sustainable development. With a recycling outlet based in Italy, a European collection network, dedicating 1 % of its turnover to the reduction of its environmental footprint.


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