Facts & Figures of previous editions

Texwork has a long history within Serge Ferrari. More than 15 editions were held in France. It is an event enjoying a huge interest among people from the technical composite materials industry. In 2011 in France we had more than 50 exhibitors from 9 countries and more than 1600 visitors.

In 2015 we started to bring Texwork nearer to our growing markets out of Europe and had a first edition in Istanbul. We welcomed for Texwork 2015 in Istanbul more than 800 visitors and 25 exhibitors.

A various offer of solutions and systems, machines and accessories for the technical membrane business was completed by conferences with famous architects and specialists out of different branches.

 Exhibitor List 2015: 

Company Name Homepage Link
Isermatic http://www.isermatic.com/
Röder Türkiye http://www.roder.com.tr/
Giuliobarbieri http://fr.giuliobarbieri.it/
Deckon http://deckon.com.tr/
Vitabri http://www.vitabri.ch/
Renson http://www.renson.be/
Serge Ferrari http://en.sergeferrari.com/
Tensaform http://www.tensaform.com/
Leister https://www.leister.com/
Franz Miederhoff oHG https://www.miederhoff.de
Dost Teknik http://www.dostteknik.com/
SKP http://www.skp-gmbh.com/
Prym http://www.prym.com/
Industrias Mabel SA http://www.industrias-mabel.com/
BAK AG http://www.bak-ag.com/
Dorey-Miller http://www.dorey.fr/
Technet http://technet-gmbh.de/
Forsstrom http://www.forsstrom.com
Zünd http://www.zund.com/en/
Seritcioglu http://www.seritcioglu.com/
Ferrateks http://www.ferrateks.com.tr/
Glengo (Gerber Turkey) http://www.gerbertechnology.com/
Harol http://www.harol.be/fr